Enter the Turkish market and
find customers right away.

Dynamo helps emerging tech companies navigate and unlock the complex Turkish market with a unique go-to-market (GTM) consultancy approach: Strategy and Implementation


Tailored Strategy and Hands-on Support

Market Expertise

Our consultation process equips you with a comprehensive Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy, tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you're fully prepared to conquer the market successfully.

Lead Generation

Our approach creates a highly personalized and multifaceted outbound engine, to fuel your business growth and expand your market reach effectively.

Full Roll-out

And a little more. We facilitate strategic partnerships and provide thought leadership to smooth your market entry, ensuring you're well-equipped to establish and expand your presence effectively.


Why would you ever use Dynamo?

Local Market Dynamics

There's a significant risk involved in setting up operations in a new territory without a clear understanding of the local market dynamics. Before making substantial investments, it's crucial to validate whether the product resonates with the local consumers and meets the market demands.

Culture and Language

Understanding the local culture and language is pivotal for the success of your lead generation campaign, especially when entering a new market. Cultural connections and language are two elements that you need to get right from the beginning.


An experienced business development representative expects a gross pay of $2,450 in Turkey. Excluding talent acquisition, payroll service, OTE and other expenses that may be involved in recruiting remotely. On top of that, BDRs come with a very good understanding of lead generation, but little to no market strategy knowledge.


What about our Results?

We have worked with many successful emerging B2B companies and had the pleasure of helping them scale and grow their businesses. From occupying executive positions to Linkedin lead generation; we’ve been there, done that.

Still doubtful?
Let us consult you.

Understanding your product's appeal locally requires a fresh approach to Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies. With our direct involvement in sales, we offer strategic insights, generate leads, and connect you with new users and paying customers to ensure your plans succeed.Not really sure where to start? Let us give you the first consultation into the market for free!

Main Services

Services and Pricing

Three options catered to your needs. Whether it's strategy, or leadgen, we got it all.

Dynamo Market Expert

When to get this?

You need a solid plan and guidance on how to enter the Turkish market. Your VIP market entry ticket.

  • Full market analysis

  • Product-market positioning

  • Sales and partnerships strategy

  • Local SWOT analysis

  • Revenue streams forecast

  • Existing Sales team local market training

  • Workshops / strategy calls

  • Turkish outreach specifics


Dynamo Leadgen

When to get this?

You are already present strategically in Turkey but need expert outbound to expand. We're here for the dirty work.

  • Turkish outreach messaging

  • Multifaceted personalized outbound

  • Drip campaign build

  • 500 new prospects every month

  • Campaign optimization

  • Reports and analytics


Dynamo Premium

When to get this?

New to the Turkish market and serious about both a top strategy and expert leadgen. We handle everything.

  • Dynamo Market Expert

  • Dynamo Leadgen

  • Partnership facilitation

  • Localization support

  • Turkish content strategy

  • Community Management


One time fee


Per Month

Step into Turkey with Confidence

Book your free 30-minute consultation now and let us expertly navigate you through the initial stages of entering the Turkish market. We're here to ensure your journey starts on the right foot.

  1. Submit your request

  2. Go through a 10-min Market Readiness Checklist

  3. Get a free expert consultation

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Next up: Finding right talent

Dynamo is building a network of web3 & blockchain specialists who can take your project's local success to new heights.

Why you should join the Dynamo Community?

  • Find your next side-hustle or full-time project

  • Expand your knowledge & industry network

  • Use our exclusive opportunity board to contribute, collaborate and earn money

  • Free to join Telegram Group

Why you should work with Dynamo Community?

  • Access to a targeted pool of young, motivated professionals

  • A platform to post & promote your opportunities & needs

  • Solution for the expensive and lengthy process of finding the right local talent for you.

  • No fees

Dynamo is building the premier community project dedicated to uniting skilled freelancers with innovative Technology, blockchain and crypto projects targeting the Turkish market.

Are you looking for a local talent?
Fill in the form and we will make sure to get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.

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Here is more on what you should expect from working with us.

Why should I bother with a GTM Consultancy like Dynamo?

Expansion-stage tech companies know the drill at home, but local markets are a whole new ball game with different Go-To-Market (GTM) rules. They need a team to bridge the gap between the HQ and these new markets before diving in.It's all about making sure their product is a hit in the new territory too. This is where Dynamo comes in for the rescue, helping navigate these unknown waters without getting too tangled up in the client's team.The real game changer? A GTM consultant with a knack for sales.We don’t just offer smart strategies but bring in actual leads and customers to show that the new market is ripe for the taking.

Do you have a success-only model?

A success-only model is well-suited for scenarios involving:

  • Low-ticket offers

  • Short sales cycles

  • Established brands

  • Secured market position

It's conducive for more transactional sales and doesn't necessitate a highly experienced sales team. However, we often engage with companies that present a different set of circumstances:

  • High-ticket offers

  • New market entry

  • Longer sales cycles

  • Undeveloped brands

  • Differentiation and message development

The complexity of the new market also calls for experienced business developers. In such contexts, a success-only or commission-only model may not be the most prudent approach. Hence, we adopt a more balanced compensation structure, incorporating a retainer along with a success fee, such as a bonus per Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and a commission on revenue.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, of course. If you're not satisfied, you get your money back. If you cancel your subscription and request a refund, we may refund the cost of the month in which you canceled.

Who is behind the Dynamo?

Dynamo is a team of BD professionals headed by B2B sales leader Mustafa Abbasoglu, with 10+ years in sales & BD roles for emerging tech and non-tech companies advising and building effective sales engines.